About Me

I’m an accomplished technology executive with a deep enthusiasm for bringing strategic vision to life. My career has been marked by a keen ability to not only develop strategic plans but to ensure their successful execution. I’m well-versed in monitoring progress and, when necessary, making agile pivots to achieve the best outcomes.

One of my core strengths is helping IT organizations evolve from being reactive operational firefighters to proactive, trusted advisors and strategic business partners. I’ve cultivated a customer-centric focus, nurturing strong business partnerships.

My leadership style is centered on developing and motivating high-performing teams. I firmly believe that success is achieved through people, and I take pride in empowering and inspiring teams to excel.

I’m recognized for my role as an integrator. I am naturally adept at bringing individuals together at all levels, uniting diverse talents, and fostering collaboration to deliver results.

I’m not just a leader; I’m a strategic thinker, team builder, and collaborator. I see myself as someone who navigates the complex landscape of strategic planning and execution. I’m a firm believer that the best solutions often emerge through collective intelligence. I understand that a successful leader is only as strong as the team they assemble. By encouraging open dialogue and collaboration, I’ve seen teams achieve remarkable results, even in the face of complex challenges.

My Story

I started my career in Telecommunications. First with the University of Arizona running one of the first 6 ARPANet nodes. I then joined Wiltel to build out the first national Frame Relay Network on top of the National Fibre network. Wiltel was purchased by LDDS and became Worldcom who went on to buy UUnet. We needed to merge the networks, services, operations across the companies to create one seemless experience for customers. I then joined a new veture backed by worldcom and the NSF to build out a national network and exchange points for the developing commercial internet. This work led to the creation of the routing registry DBs with NSF and vBNS with MCI who was acquired by Worldcom and became MCI Worldcom.

From Networks to distributed Applications

My next phase was the development of applications on top of networks. I joined a small company that was helping RCA launch Direct TV and start to develop setup boxes to stream content across the internet as well as control satellite Streaming. Netchannel vs Webtv eventually were acquired by AOL and Microsoft to become streaming services. At this point in my career, I decide to start a consulting company with a few key players from previous companies and launch SRK Systems. SRK Systems offers IT solutions, custom software development, and database development services. I sold this company in 2006 to and joined TellMe.

From Applications to Product Innovation at Scale

Speech Recognition Service

As Engineering and Operations leader to speech recognition pioneer TellMe, We were acquired by Microsoft and integrated speech service into Microsoft products.

Cloud and Control Plane

While at Microsoft, I leverage TellMe operations virtualisation to develop Azure and later with Hp develope and multi cloud control plan to manage resources across HP cloud, AWS, Azure and OpenStack.

Gloabl Supply Chain and Sustainability

With HSBC the largest trade bank in the world, I developed supply chain graph network and neutral models to trace, track and provide visibility and transparency across supply chains.

Michael Reed