I lead digital transformation

and drive change to unlock

business value on a global scale

Business focus

I have been coding, designing systems, and integrating technology my entire career, but my substantial technical expertise has always been married to business needs and focusing my teams to build the right products in the right way for the right reasons.  By attracting, building, and structuring my teams toward a clear strategic vision, my team’s individual goals are always aligned with the strategic goals. Most importantly, it is critical that we understand the customer and how to address their needs today while also anticipating where their needs will lead tomorrow.


My life-long personal passion for technology has given me a broad understanding of technology that allows me to identify patterns of innovation and spot trends early.  Knowing where things will go tomorrow is critical to understand what to build today, and building in anticipation of change protects products from changes that would otherwise derail it. I use this vision for developing team structure and business goals so that we will not just be prepared for changes in how we will need to work, but to be enhanced by those changes.

Principles first

I truly believe in self-managing entities, empowering individuals in ways that allow them to drive their own goals and objectives and control their destiny without undue compromise. It is critical to me to empower the individual with information and align their interests with those of the business to build the best products through collaboration. Position, title, or role shouldn’t be a limitation for business value – great ideas come from anywhere. For technology development, It’s not just what you’re doing, it’s how you’re doing it. Principles first.



Value-driven innovation requires diversity of experience and insight

Over the course of my career I’ve seen success and I’ve seen failure. My experiences across retail, manufacturing, financial services, and many other diverse industries have revealed patterns of what can work well and what is unlikely to succeed.  When looking at a new challenge, I break the initial concept down to its key elements and decide which elements bring the most value, which elements need to change, which elements need to go, and what needs to be added.  These decisions are based on my exposure to diverse industries and their challenges.  Although each industry presents its own unique challenges, the patterns across them are often similar enough to allow me to reuse solutions and quickly identify potential dead-ends.


Learning from diverse experiences is essential for invention

Learning for a purpose.  Two things that come out of that are I like to take on challenges that I don’t necessarily have experience with that cause me to go figure it out / learn about it.  I’m always learning because the best way to find solutions is by learning all about the problem.  What I’ve learned in one situation is often instrumental to applying to a different/new situation.  Learning new skills, learning about different industries, and how different kinds of problems can be solved provides me with insight that is constantly evolving.  The more and varying the challenges I experience is what builds that library of potential solutions.


Teams built from diverse backgrounds deliver better solutions 

Innovation requires multiple different views aligned towards a strategic goal.  The wider the spectrum of experiences available, the more possibilities will emerge.  It’s easy to build a homogeneous team.  One problem with that is it won’t innovate as well because individuals who have similar backgrounds and experiences are much more likely to propose similar solutions and see challenges in the same way. Another is that they will get paralyzed by unforeseen challenges because their experiences are too uniform to adjust and adapt to overcome them. Having a range of experiences across the team delivers the flexibility and creativity needed to navigate these challenges as they evolve, regardless of what project they’re working on.

Let’s work together on your
next transformation project

I’ve helped businesses of all sizes from startups to multinational corporations.  I’ve also engaged with multiple, diverse industries each presenting specific and unique learning opportunities.  My core values have persistently guided us, together, to overcome these challenges regardless of the size or specialization of the business.